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God enters a place or situation that is dark, without form, and empty like a void. FROM NO MATERIAL PREREQUISITE (but from His immense riches) he action-calls forth light. The situation, it’s root causes, it’s effect, it’s nature, and necessary solutions are immediately illuminated. Then God moves to action-call forth infrastructure to facilitate the solution(s) that situation needs.

By action-call I mean the effective calling forth of a desired end by faith, and followed through by required, intentional, well mapped-out course of action.

We have divine capacity even before becoming believers. We are made in His image and likeness. Man, by default, lives by the life-giving power breathed into us by God. At becoming believers – by further extension in Christ – this same immense power is available to us.

This power meets us and finds expression in a place of service. This service is a place of purposeful work; a point of contact.

So go action-call forth light in the dark corners and spaces that burden you and in the lives of those you come in contact with. Light the place up, and SEE (by revelation or deep thought) what the specific required fix is. Then action-call forth the infrastructure to facilitate the necessary solution(s).

See Genesis 1, 2:1-7.