Urban Christian Culture

“A Decade of Culture Architecture & Building.”

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For a decade now we’ve been working hard to build a vibrant, world class and sustainable Urban Christian Media & Culture out of Africa, as inspired by the Lord and commissioned to us.

And God in his wisdom has continued to link up like passioned individuals to collaborate and make greater things happen at scale.

It began with me setting out on a solo music career. Five years after that it evolved into me bringing a much needed visual artistic excellence to elevate the cover art and presentation of our music to the world.

Then when it became time for network building, I met Gaise Baba and a new season began with HOLY SAUCE, then LIGHT OUT and it’s Collective.

A year after that I met John Koch Ijachi , another like passioned individual and the energy multiplied vastly. At this time a passion for platform building had begun to brew in many hearts.

John narrates below what happened next.

A few years ago I and Angeloh went for a workshop/conference organized by Chin Okeke & the Gidifest team and our sole purpose was to gain relevant knowledge in the area of our assignment. ⁣

As I entered into the breakout room for “Organizing Festivals”, I met Gaise seated already and it turned out we both came there for the same reason, Gaise went on to shared the vision for ARAMANDA with me and I was game immediately. ⁣

Few months later we hosted the 1st edition of Aramanda and went on to host the 2nd edition with a third one on the way. ⁣

On Sunday I had the privilege of witnessing Gaise’s “A decade after” album listening event and I was very proud of Gaise Baba and how far God has orchestrated his life journey. ⁣

We’ve been gifted, equipped and drilled for this calling and you about to witness the announcement season. All the underground work, dealings and positioning is about to make sense. ⁣

Make sure you buy and stream “A decade after” by Gaise Baba. I already got favorites on the album.

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