Urban Christian Culture


“They didn’t have enough conviction” is the excuse we use often when another Christian creative goes secular because it’s easier than humbly engaging our brains and God’s Spirit in identifying the actual problems causing the migration.

God programmed us to “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, replenish it and have dominion” and gifted us all uniquely to be significant contributors to our world and to prosper. We sense this at our core so much that we rebel against the idea of smallness and irrelevance in life.

We can keep hailing ourselves for having the guts and conviction to take the “hard part.” But to be honest, we know deep inside that Christian Creatives should create and profit greatly in the work instead of having to drop our divine essence just to make ends meet.

I desire for my producers, stylists, photographers, videographers, writers, featured artists, accountants, lawyers, event organisers, platform builders and our families to eat from the good work we put in.

I desire that we devote our 40 hour weeks solely to creating great work that represents God and blesses lives spiritually and aesthetically and profit from the time and effort.

By God’s grace, we will be GOOD MEN who leave an inheritance for our peers, our children and their children’s children so they don’t have to start over from scratch every generation.

We will obey and build a Christian Music and Creative Industry that is financially profitable, healthy and prospers the souls of many on a global mainstream level.

Never again, will “Remas” have to leave the fold to find greatness and fulfilment.”

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