“Music & Art are conversations starters; ice-breakers of sorts. The conversations they enable have are what i live for. That’s where the Miracles happen”

Angeloh is a music recording and performing artist. His music centres on life and godliness, touching on everyday human experiences and God-reflection.

Angeloh describes his approach to music as a cross between Kings David and Solomon, making soundtracks for hearts thirsty for life and for God. As a result, his music is weaved around love, personal and social struggles, responsibility, high and low moods, and worship.

Nominated for RAPZILLA.COM’s FRESHMAN CLASS 2018 Angeloh has released several solo and featured singles so far, steadily embedding his name into the industry.

In addition to his musical cap, Angeloh is also a budding social influencer. He is a writer, speaker, and life-conversation enthusiast. His energies are targeted at young people with a view to inspire a thriving generation, one that adds immense value to society and upholds godly values.

He also has a parallel career as a visual digital artist with over 7 years of experience creating illustration and concept development for children’s books, album artwork, as well as brand and communication design. He is a co founder of, and Art Director at Basement Animation Studios, a fast rising animation company operating from Lagos State, Nigeria.