'LOVE CHILD' (adjective)

This time, Love Child is repurposed to describe a child (or full grown man lol) of Love.

In the first volume, Angeloh explores his past relationships with brutal honesty, exposing and coming to terms with his flaws, as well as a resolve to do better no matter the storm. God being good, a lot of beautiful experiences have come to play: The Love child has finally found love, and a great shot at family.

Love Child EP 2 opens up with 'Bone of My Bones' is a hard-hitting trap banger that hints to God setting him up to find his wife in a strange land (NYSC camp to be precise). In 'WIth Me', alongside Ore Macaulay, the song does poetic justice in delivering an urban take on a marriage proposal on the backdrop of dark and trying times, with the intent of using the union to amplify their light to chase ten thousand. 'Ore's Interlude' goes a step further to give context to the possibilities of relationship, marriage and family done God's way – Christ way. 

The interlude is followed by the afro caribbean-tropical hip hop fusion of a banger 'Such a Pleasure' which celebrates the joy and reassurance of having your lover by, and around you. It features the dynamic duo Trubreed who add epic flavour to the track. 'Explore You' is a love tribute to God. His promises never fail, his love is a boundless adventure that draws us in each day, and comes through for us in many ways. Eden Ruff comes through on the feature with beautifully sung Igbo and English language  flavour. Finally, 'Dance with Me' brings the EP to a close with a call to dance in celebration of victory, joy, and love. It looks to become the 'couple's First Dance' favourite request song at your next wedding.

In all, Angeloh's 'Love Child EP 2' is a story of growth, love, maturity, and God.

It shows love as a threefold cord and a triangle: God, Man, and Wife.